• Jan 2023 - Current
    SoSafe Gmbh
    Senior Full Stack Engineer
    A cybersecurity company that specializes in providing solutions to prevent cyber threats, particularly those related to phishing attacks.
    • Built advanced Personalized Phishing Simulations tailored to individual consumer profiles, resulting in a 40% decrease in successful phishing attempts and enhancing overall cybersecurity awareness within the organization.
    • Developed and implemented many new features for the Sofie - Rapid Awareness bot, enhancing multilingual cyber security education for 5000+ employees; increased cyber security awareness training completion rates by 40%.
    • Resolved simulation phase cache recalculation issue, addressing 100+ customer complaints; boosted system feasibility by 15% through strategic innovative enhancements.
  • Aug 2022 - Jan 2023
    Subject Matter Expert
    Empowering organizations to transition to paperless workflows, and reduce reliance on physical paperwork through digital signature and document management solutions.
    • Built scalable distributed system catering to 1000+ clients; with a team of 18 engineers resulting in a 25% performance improvement and a 20% decrease in maintenance costs.
    • Developed and launched the Daily Reporting feature, automating the daily reporting and backup process to banking clients’ SFTP server, reducing manual effort by 50% and ensuring 100% data accuracy.
  • Feb 2017 - Aug 2022
    Full Stack Engineer
    • Introduced an efficient product requirement gathering approach, leading to a 20% decrease in implementation time and improved scalability. Cultivated team collaboration within a 12-member unit, optimizing design and development workflows.
    • Led client engagement efforts, with 20+ clients to gather technical requirements, ensuring seamless alignment with project objectives and achieving a 95% satisfaction rate.
    • Led cross-functional efforts with tech and design teams to streamline operations from design to debugging; revamped user experience resulting in a 20% increase in customer satisfaction and a 25% decrease in support tickets.